Saturday, April 15, 2017

Archie Parnell Runs for Congress (4/15/17)

DOJ Tax Alum, Archie Parnell, is running for Congress in South Carolina.  See Avery G. Wilks and Cassie Cope, Sumter Democrat to enter 5th District race (The State 3/1/17), here.  His career since DOJ Tax has included stints with Exxon and Goldman Sachs.  Now he is back in his home town of Sumter and running for Congress as an outsider, a Democrat, and a novice politician (but being from South Carolina also, I am sure he is a good ole boy!).  The mayor of Sumter is quote as saying:  "He's the smartest candidate."  I'm sure we all wish him the best.

Here is his web site:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Grady Jolly to Retire as Fifth Circuit Judge (3/11/17)

DOJ Tax Alum Grady Jolly will retire as a judge on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  See Bracey Harris and Geoff Pender, Trump to appoint new Mississippi judge (The Clarion0Ledger 3/10/17), here.  The article indicates that after serving as an AUSA, he was a lawyer in the Tax Division from 1967 to 1969 when he entered private practice.

His Wikipedia entry is here.

Friday, February 3, 2017

On Rod Rosenstein (2/3/17)

Jessica Karmasek, Attorneys: ‘By-the-book,’ ‘apolitical’ Rosenstein is ‘beyond qualified’ for deputy AG role (Legal NewsLine 2/2/17), here.
If you ask those who have worked with Rod Rosenstein whether he would be a good fit for the No. 2 spot at the U.S. Department of Justice, you’ll get a resounding “yes.”
I could excerpt more, but just read the article linked.

DOJ Tax Alum Writes on DOJ Tax Alums as Constraining Forces at DOJ in Trump Administration (2/3/17)

Stuart Gibson, Tax Division Alum, has written this piece, Tax Division To The Rescue -- If Trump Wants To Be Rescued (Tax Analysts / Forbes 2/1/17), here, noting the roles of two DOJ Tax Alums with DOJ in the Trump Administration that may act as constraining influences on his exuberances.  

Gibson sets up the bottom-line as follows:
That incident [firing of Acting AG Yates], and the appointment of Sen. Jeff Sessions, R.-Ala., as attorney general, have elevated two relatively unknown United States attorneys to prominence in the nascent Trump administration. After Trump fired Yates, he replaced her with Dana Boente, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. Independently, he has nominated Rod Rosenstein, U.S. attorney for Maryland, to be the next deputy attorney general under Sessions. 
Both Boente and Rosenstein served as deputy assistant attorneys general in the Tax Division, and both have served under Presidents Bush and Obama. They understand the Tax Division’s culture of enforcing the laws fully and fairly, independent of politics. If they succeed in bringing that approach to the entire department, they just may save Trump and the country from his more destructive instincts. But only if Trump really wants it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hubbert Named Acting Assistant Attorney General Tax (1/31/17)

David Hubbert, a career DOJ Tax lawyer, has been named Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division, according to the DOJ web site here.

Boente Named Acting Attorney General (1/31/17)

Dana Boente, a DOJ Tax Alum and most recently U.S. Attorney for ED VA, has been named the Acting Attorney General after President Trump fired AAG Sally Q. Yates.  He will be Acting until a new Attorney General is approved by the Senate which might happen as early as this week. Whatever the commotion that led to this action, it does recognize an outstanding career of service to our country.  Thank you, AAG Boente!

A WAPO article on Boente is here.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Rosenstein Nominated for Deputy Attorney General (DOJ #2) (1/13/17)

The President-Elect has nominated Rod Rosenstein, who formerly served as principal deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division to serve in the Trump Administration as Deputy Attorney General.  See Jonathan H. Adler, A reassuring choice for deputy attorney general (The Volokh Conspiracy (1/13/17),  here.  Congratulations!

Rosenstein's Wikipedia page is here.