Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tax Division Event Contemporaneous with ABA Tax Section Meeting on May 8 (4/28/15)

To the DOJ Tax Division Alumni:

I received the following email from Bob Bruffy, the Executive Officer of the Tax Division regarding an opportunity for DOJ Tax Alumni to attend a Tax Division outing at a Washington Nationals baseball game on Friday, May 8, which is contemporaneous with the ABA Tax Section May Meeting in DC.  The game will start at 7:05pm.  The opposing team is the Atlanta Braves.  Here is the text of the Bob's email:
We bought 76 tickets to the game, and have sold 53 so far to employees and family.  Any alumni who are interested in attending can send an email to Mike Martineau at Tax.Mail@usdoj.gov with the words “Baseball” in the subject line.   Tickets are $33 each, and will be available a few days before the game, and we’ll have to make arrangements to distribute them – perhaps we can hand them out at the ABA meeting, or folks can stop by the office to pick them up before 5 on the 8th. 
It would be great to have some tax Division alums join us!