Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Update on Mary Smith nomination for AAG Tax

Main Justice has a report here this morning titled "American Indian Leaders Question Delays On Tax Nominee."

The American indian constituency is circling the wagons (is that the right metaphor?) for Mary Smith, whose nomination as AAG Tax has been pending for some time now. The article is a nice piece setting forth the concerns. The article also quotes Tax Division alums Nathan Hochman (former AAG) and Carr Ferguson (former AAG chief and, long before that, real line attorney at DOJ Tax). (Note that Main Justice apparently picked up the wrong picture of Carr; the picture in the article as of my reading at 8:00 this morning is of Ronald Jensen of Pace University Law School; for a real picture of Carr along with a great article on him, see here.)

For the previous blogs on Mary Smith, see here.

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