Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DOJ Tax Alumni on Wikipedia

Today, I had too much time on my hands and did the following search on Wikipedia:  "tax division" justice

The results related to DOJ Tax Alumni that I recognized or could discern easily from the search are

Allegra, Fran
Anderson, Stephen Hale
Archer, Glenn,_Jr.
Arum, Bob
Dinan, Dan
Dyk, Timothy B.
Garbis, Marvin
Griffin, Brian
Gruender, Raymond
Gustafson, David
Hall, Cynthia Holcomb
Hochman, Nathan
Jackson, Robert
Jolly, Grady
Oberdorfer, Lou
Pajak, John
Penn, John
Powell, Carleton
Raum, Arnold
Rosenstein, Rod
Smith, Ed
Swift, Steve
Whalen, Larry
Will, Hubert
Wilson, Steve
Wolfe, Norman

An Excel spreadsheet with this information may be viewed or downloaded here.

I will be glad to update these postings for additional alumni on Wikipedia.  Sorry, I do not plan to provide links to all web references to alumni.  Just Wikipedia.  (Blog Masters' judgment call.)

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