Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Death of Max Higgins Lauten

The Baltimore Sun reports here on the death of Max Higgins Lauten.  The obituary is a good read, both for those who knew and did not know him.  Relevant to DOJ Tax, it says:

Mr. Lauten began his legal career in 1976 when he joined the U.S. Department of Justice, where he litigated civil tax cases and was awarded its Outstanding Attorney Award in 1980.


  1. This is very very sad. I started my legal career at the Tax Division in 1977 and quickly learned that Max was a phenomenal trial attorney and an even better person.

  2. Even though it is approaching 30 years since I last saw Max, the world seems a little darker knowing he is no longer with us. Like Max, my first job out of law school was with DOJ. Like many others, I quickly learned that Max was the guy to ask about cases as well as life on the road. He was always a great source of war stories and road stories, many of the latter being unrepeatable in polite company.

  3. For those of us of the same age and generation as Max, it is heart wrenching to see him taken from us so soon. Max was the model Tax Division lawyer - skilled in the courtroom with a quiet manner that belied how good he really was, and a wonderful human being to boot. His uniquely engaging personality was a magnet for all of us, and I can still see his smile and sense his charm even though it has been many years since I last talked to him. A tragic loss.


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