Monday, September 6, 2010

Russell Davis Memory of DOJ Tax and Mike Baum and Stan Krysa and others

I received an email from Russell Davis (DOJ Tax 1963-1968) updating his contact information. Russell made the following comment which he gave me permission to put on the blog.

It was the best 5 years of my professional career. Working under Mike Baum was incredible as was with Stan Krysa. Bureaucracy was minimized and subordinated to a standard of excellence in pursing a just result in court. The attorneys were some of the brightest around and many lifetime relationships were formed.
JAT Note:  I encourage anyone with memories about their time at DOJ Tax, their colleagues and the quality of the experience to let me know and I will post thenm (within bounds of propriety of course).  Memories such as Russell's and good anecdotes would be particularly enjoyable to many of the Alumni.  Thanks, Russell.

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