Monday, October 1, 2012

David Hubbert Name DAAG for Civil Matters (10/1/12)

I attach here the Memo from AAG Keneally announcing David Hubbert's appointment as Tax Division Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Matters.  The body of the memo is:

I am pleased to announce the Attorney General has appointed David A. Hubbert to be Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Matters.
Dave graduated with honors from the University of Arizona in 1982 with a degree in accounting. He received a cum laude degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1985, where he was the Keedy Cup (Oral Advocacy) Champion. Dave joined the Division in 1985 through the Honors Program, and was an attorney in both the Civil Trial Section, Western Region and the Appellate Section. In 1991, he was selected as a Reviewer in the Western Region, where he handled that Section's most important civil cases in a superb manner, all while reviewing and assisting trial attorneys. He became an Assistant Section Chief of the Western Region in 1996, and in 1999, became Chief of the Civil Trial Section Eastern Region. During his time in the Division, Dave has handled or supported a wide range ofthe Division's civil litigation, served on the Associate Attorney General's Civil Discovery Task Force as Chair of the Technology Working Group, worked on information technology projects and conunittees, and helped the Division to address management and performance issues. Dave has also played a pivotal role in creating, and continually improving, our case management system, which is one of the best systems in the Department. Civil Trial-Eastern has special responsibility for FOIA and Privacy Act(§ 6103) matters, and Dave's expertise in both has been invaluable to the Division. In recognition of his exemplary service, Dave has received several awards, including the Assistant Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service in 1998 and the Presidential Rank A ward for Meritorious Service in 2009. Please join me in congratulating Dave and in thanking him for taking on the additional responsibilities of the position.
Congratulations, David!

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