Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daniel Levy (USAO SDNY) Leaves to Enter Private Practice (8/20/130

Dainel Levy, a prominent player in DOJ's prosecutions for offshore bank fraud, has left USAO SDNY to join a white collar crime firm.  See Former U.S. Attorney in New York Moves to White-Collar Firm (Main Justice 8/19/13), here.  The firm he is joining is McKool Smith, here.  His bio page at the new firm is here; the McKool Smith announcement is here.

An excerpt from the Main Justice article:
In his 11 years in the Southern District office [USAO SDNY], he has prosecuted cases ranging from trade secret theft to art fraud.  In 2012, he helped indicted the Swiss bank Wegelin & Co., the first time an overseas bank has been charged for facilitating tax fraud by Americans.
See also, Federal Prosecutor Daniel Levy Joins McKool Smith (WSJ 8/19/13), here.

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