Monday, June 1, 2015

Tribute Booklet for Myron C. ("Mike") Baum (6/1/15)

In going through some old files, I found the tribute booklet for Mike Baum and share it in pdf format with the alumni.  The booklet is here.

The contributors are (in order presented):

Robert M. Baum
John F. Murray
Edie & David Tael
Sheldon S. Cohen
Fred B. Ugast
Herbert N. Beller
Claire Fallon
Griffin B. Bell (letter of 8/7/79)
Nancy Stanley
Cathy Livingston
Tom Troyer
Stan Krysa
Mortimer Caplin
Carleton Powell
Leonard Van Slyke
Beth Kaufman
Thad Williams
Cecilia Sqarlata
Shirley Peterson

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